Rescue Senior Pup Maggie Escamilla and Her owner Crissy

With this being our first clinic blog, I wanted to cover a subject that is dear to my heart and that I felt many clients and animal lovers could relate to. Rescue!

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with one of our clients, Chrissy Escamilla who owns a senior dog whom was rescued recently (in her senior age). Ms. Escamilla rescued Maggie from a friend of a friend whom was looking for a home for her.

Maggie was seen here at Northeast Veterinary Clinic recently for multiple growths/tumors which resulted in her having had a surgery recently as well. Ms. Escamilla only had Maggie for about 2 weeks before bringing her in to have her examined for the tumors.

“How did you hear of/meet Maggie?”
Ms. Escamilla: “I saw her picture on Facebook, a friend of mine posted her story.  I contacted my friend and I agreed to meet Maggie. I had some time with her and saw that she is a really good dog. I was looking for a senior/older dog. I had a hound dog/beagle mixed and he passed away at age 14, last year. I rescued him when I lived in Washington DC. I had him for about 10 years. He moved with me all over.
It was hard when he passed. I figured when I was ready to get a pet again I would try to help out a senior dog.”

Ms. Escamilla: “When I first met her I saw all those growths on her belly so I already knew I was in for something.” She giggled with no surprise. “I just didn’t know what.” “I’ve had boxers before so I am familiar with the growths/tumors,” she explained. “I was sad when they said the one on her left hip is a bad tumor.  I will do anything for her, she is such a sweet dog she needs a break.”

“What is the plan with Maggie?”
Ms. Escamilla: “We are keeping an eye on it. I am waiting for the histopathology results.” In the meantime, while Ms. Escamilla and Maggie’s doctor wait for results, Ms. Escamilla’s plan is to “Just keep her happy even with all the stitches she has on her right now.”

What better plan for an oldie but goodie!

“How many tumors was it total?”
Ms. Escamilla: “Three.”  She also had 10-15 small ones on her belly that were lasered off by Dr. Newton.”

“How has it been having Maggie at home?”
Ms. Escamilla: “Oh my gosh, she is so much fun. She is such a “lovey dog.” She is so happy all the time. She is smart, she can sit, stay, come, she is really well trained.”
“I just heard her bark for the first time after 3 weeks of having her,” she giggled.
“She has brought me so much joy in the little time that I’ve had her.”

“What are Maggie’s plans for the summer?”
Ms. Escamilla: “Maggie has to get doggy sun screen to protect her from getting future growths on her belly.” “I plan on taking lots of evening walks.”
“She loves car rides so hopefully we’ll get to travel to phoenix to visit family.”
“She loves the water so I got her a baby pool and she sits in it.”

“What would you say to someone that is interested in adopting but might overlook a senior dog?”

Ms. Escamilla: “They definitely aren’t for everyone but they are actually the best friends that you can find.”  “They are so grateful.” “It’s definitely a bonding experience.” “If you are willing to help care for a senior dog your heart has to be in it, that’s the first step.”


I would like to give a big thank you to Ms. Escamilla and Maggie for taking the time to chat with me and share their story with me.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to rescue or not, here at Northeast Veterinary Clinic, we love being able to provide care for all of our patients.  We understand how precious our client’s pets are to them.  We love hearing the stories of how they met. And we recognize that animals are more than pets – they are family!


  • Author/Narrator Sophia Mendez



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