How often do I need to clean my pet’s toys?

Every week when I clean my house, I also clean my dogs toys. In between the dogs taking the toys outside and back inside, they get full of germs, dirt, bacteria, and who knows what else. It is important to keep them clean to help avoid from your home becoming filled with allergens and bacteria. The easiest way to clean them is just with soap and hot water. If your toy is made of nylon and rubber, you can sanitize them in the dishwasher (please check the label first). But out of all the pet products in the home, study shows the food bowl is the dirtiest one of all. i personally wash my pets bowls daily after they eat. Especially because our chihuahua loves to pee inside the bigger dog bowls; I think because they get more food then her. In regards to cats, well I don’t have any myself but their toys need to be cleaned as well weekly since their toys have a lot of grime and cat spit. Depending on what their toy is made out of will determine how you clean it. You can use a garment bag for fabric and rope toys and hang dry; hand wash any furry, nylon and rubber toys; and for catnip toys, hand rinse them with water and wring out to dry. Don’t use soap on catnip toys as the soap will contaminate the catnip.

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