Emergency Treatment

  • Authorization for emergency treatment
  • Critical or life threatening state

    In order to prevent incorrect assumptions and miscommunications we required authorization to initiate and/or continue acute care to attempt to stabilize your pet, as well as obtain your acceptance of financial responsibly for the care.
  • Doctor Communication

    The doctor will speak to you as soon as reasonably possible and will provide you with a treatment plan of the total expected charges, including emergency treatment. Your payment for emergency treatment will be applied to the total costs. A deposit of the treatment plan will be required to continue care. Northeast Veterinary Clinic accepts, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Care Credit. Northeast Veterinary Clinic does not have any kind of Payment Plans.
  • I certify that this form has been reviewed by me. I have read it and understood all aspects of this form. I understand and agree to its contents.