Here is Gypsy’s Story as told by her wonderful owners.

Gypsy was a part of our lives for 11 wonderful years and was the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Anywhere she went, she attracted attention from people around her and were drawn to her kind spirit.

Gypsy became a part of our family when she was just a puppy. My husband and my oldest son, now 16, who was 4 yrs old at that time, picked her up from a family in Chaparral. When the litter of puppies was released from their pen, all of them ran around my son, but one pretty little girl pup ran straight for my husband and so she was the one that they picked. My husband has fond memories of my son sitting in his car seat holding Gypsy on the ride home and recalls how happy they both were. She was the cutest and sweetest puppy ever!

For about two years, she was the only pet we had until the day came to adopt another Golden retriever pup for our younger son who is now 12. We decided that she needed a friend to play with so we drove out to Roswell to pick up her new brother, Tramp. I can still remember her face at the thought of having another dog. She wouldn’t even look at him! He would try to sniff and play with her but she would just turn her head. LOL! Of course, she eventually accepted him and they were companions for the rest of her life. They would run around the house playing and wrestling with each other.

We have so many memories of my beautiful girl too numerous to count and she was such an important part of our family. When my husband would try to kiss and hug me, she would bark at him and make sure I was ok. She was so protective of us and our boys and was always there to console us if we were feeling sad or upset. Gypsy was so loved by the entire family, especially my aunt, who would spoil them rotten. She loved playing with her toys, going for walks, sitting next to you on the couch to be petted, and she would always walk the house at night checking on everyone while they slept. She was just pure and unconditional love. We were blessed to have her.

When Gypsy collapsed one day and I took her to your clinic, we found out the devastating news that she has a tumor in her spleen and needed surgery to remove it right away. We hoped that she would recover without any issue, but that was not the case. After 2 blood transfusions and multiple trips to the clinic and blood draws, her body just didn’t respond to the treatment. It was at that moment that we decided that she would live out her days in the comfort of our home surrounded by the people that loved her the most. Words cannot express how difficult it was to watch our once lively, active girl become weaker and sicker. The day before she passed, our entire family came to see her one last time knowing that her time on earth was coming to an end. That same morning I lay on the floor next to her and petted her and told her how much we all loved her and that it was ok to return home to God. The next morning, I knew it was time to help her cross the Rainbow bridge. I saw it in the way she was breathing and the way she looked at us. Our boys, my aunt and our other pets said goodbye to her and my husband and I took Gyspy to your clinic. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life, but I knew she was ready to go home. I laid down with her, held her and told her I loved her and that it was ok. I was lucky and had the great privilege to be there when my beautiful girl took her last breath. As soon as I knew she was gone, I could picture her running through a grass covered field happy and healthy once again going home to be with our Lord and reunited with all of our fur babies and family members that have passed. Until we meet again my good girl, Gypsy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who took care of Gypsy while she was under your clinic’s care. She became a familiar face at your clinic and was treated with kindness by all the staff that knew her. I genuinely felt that they truly cared about Gypsy and myself. As a nurse, I know that sometimes work is tedious, draining, and frustrating, but in the end the point is that we make a difference and help the sick. My hope is that as veterinarians, techs, office staff, etc., you know how important your job is and how very much appreciated a kind word and loving hand is. As a pet owner, I entrusted you with Gypsy and her health and you all showed me that you did in fact care. Please continue to show this kind of love and dedication to all who enter your doors because you do make a difference.


Melissa Murillo