“November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month.  The Pet Cancer Awareness month was established to help pet owners gain a better understanding of the different forms of cancer that can affect domesticated pets. Cancer is a scary subject but our doctors are well trained in treating patients with different forms of it. Cancer is a disease that seems to have a better prognosis when it is diagnosed early.  Northeast Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of Preventative Care Packages, diagnostics, and preventative care services to assist with not only preventing certain cancers but also with “catching it early.”


Ronin Richards (featured in the photo) is one of our Chemotherapy Patients. Ronin is a great patient and our staff has bonded well with him. With a combination of our amazing doctors and staff and his chemotherapy, Ronin is on his way to fighting off Cancer!”


For more information on how to help prevent Pet Cancer, contact our clinic at 915-755-2231.”


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